As many people age, aches and pains that start out small start to progress into daily arthritis discomfort. Combine this with the fact that many seniors have to take medications to control conditions such as blood pressure or cholesterol, and it makes sense that many would seek out natural forms of pain management.

Dry needling is a treatment that can offer just that. Dry needle treatment can relieve joint as well as muscle pain, and patients do not need medication or injection while undergoing it. The treatment can also complement chiropractic or physical therapy work that are already in a patient’s regimen.

How Arthritis Affects Seniors

Joints allow the body to move and twist in specific ways. Arthritis causes inflammation in this area—patients suffer from narrowed joint space, eroding meniscus, bone spurs or erosion, and many others. The symptoms that manifest dictate whether the patient develops rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

This ailment affects people in the long run—those over 65 are likely to suffer more from it. The condition manifests as stiffness, swelling, and reduced range of motion, and it can be challenging for people to perform daily tasks because of this condition. Some daily tasks that could change for seniors are walking, cleaning, kneeling, gripping, and climbing. 

In the most severe instances, they might need assistance with these tasks because of their arthritis. A practitioner can use this needling technique to help ease arthritic pain. Using this treatment can help people get back to normal.

Dry Needling for Arthritis

Using this treatment for arthritis helps reduce swelling and stiffness. A practitioner starts by identifying the pain point. They can consult a chart or map to locate trigger point areas, but they must also palpate the general area to find the particular trigger for that patient.

Once they have done this, the practitioner can insert a needle through the skin, moving it around a little to elicit a local twitch response or a spasm. Reactions like these indicate that the body is responding to the treatment. 

Patients’ responses vary—some see immediate improvement, while others need a few more sessions. Patients will feel soreness for the first 24 to 48 hours after each session, but they should also have a better range of movement afterward.

Is Dry Needling Safe for Seniors?

Dry needling is a safe and natural way for seniors to get relief for pain. Before and during your initial visit, your practitioner will carefully evaluate you for any risk factors that could preclude you from being able to receive treatment. Since the thin filament needles used during dry needling penetrate the skin, all of your medications will be reviewed, particularly those that affect your blood’s ability to clot. Once your physical assessment and medication review are completed, treatment can begin.

Needle Treatment for Seniors in Jacksonville, FL

Aging brings with it a host of ailments, and arthritis is among these. Dry needling can help ease this condition’s symptoms and let you get back to your routine. At Dry Needle Pain Relief, we are Jacksonville’s premier needle treatment center, and specialize in therapy for patients 65 years and older. Stick it to joint and muscle pain—set an appointment with our office today to learn more!