Suffering from plantar fasciitis or the inflammation of the plantar fascia is no laughing matter. The plantar fascia is that thick band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes. It also supports the arch of your foot.

Straining this essential ligament results in swelling. In worse cases, this swelling is accompanied by intense heel pain—a sensation that can often be debilitating.

If you are suffering from heel pain, walking or running can become excruciating, let alone getting up on your feet. It can make it difficult for you to remain standing for a long time, or to get up after sitting.

Some popular ways to address heel pain are by taking anti-inflammatory medications, applying a cold compress, resting, and exercising regularly. However, if you are looking for other solutions to target trigger points directly and achieve great relief, needle treatment is worth considering.

What Is Dry Needle Treatment?

Also called dry needling, this is a modern form of treatment using thin filament needles without involving any injection (hence the term “dry”).

If this is your first time hearing of dry needling, it helps to know that it is similar to acupuncture but that the two treatments have subtle differences. The latter is an ancient form of medicine which involves the insertion of needles along the “Qi Meridian”. This is done to redirect energy channels in your body. With dry needling, on the other hand, needles are inserted directly into muscle knots to relieve you of your bodily pain.

When dry needling is used to address plantar fasciitis, the needles are inserted directly into trigger points in your foot. These trigger points are muscles that are pulled taut, strained, and swollen, therefore causing you pain and discomfort. 

How Can Needle Treatment Help Heel Pain?

An experienced dry needling practitioner will be able to help relieve you of your heel pain through needle treatment. They will have a complete understanding of the anatomy of the body and use this to find the trigger points in your foot. Your practitioner can also work with you to devise a treatment plan to effectively address your heel pain.

During the treatment, sterilized needles will be carefully inserted into the affected muscle knots in your foot. You may think that this will cause more pain—however, this actually causes the muscles to relax. Stimulating the trigger points helps calm the surrounding nerves.

On top of that, this can also trigger circulation in your foot as well as collagen production. Collagen works on the muscles in your feet suffering from tiny tears due to the way you have been walking or running.

Seek Dry Needling for Plantar Fasciitis

Experiencing plantar fasciitis can be truly limiting. It can keep you from doing your day-to-day tasks or enjoying your favorite activities. It is for this reason that seeking a prompt solution for your heel pain is essential. Doing so not only relieves you of your muscle pain but also allows you to get back to your routine.

If your medications and manual therapies do not seem to be effective, you can seek dry needling for plantar fasciitis. This practice works directly on your trigger points to bring you great and instantaneous relief from your heel pain.

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