Seeking relief from painful injuries may sound like an impossible task, but dry needling has proven to be a reliable and safe method. It is a needle treatment many practitioners use to relax muscles and reduce soreness. It’s different from acupuncture, as this is a modern treatment that uses thin filament needles that stimulate muscle tissue due to the needles being inserted directly into muscle knots. 

While it’s still a relatively new treatment, it has quickly gained popularity over the last few years. Even though it’s effective, it’s not meant to replace exercises or physical therapy to address sore, overused muscles. In fact, it works best when used in tandem with muscle retraining.

How Dry Needling Works to Relieve Overused Muscles

Dry needling works its magic by being inserted in specific areas, which deactivate myofascial trigger points. It increases blood flow to the overused muscle tissue and subsequently loosens the knots and tension. The trigger points are located in a tight, stretched band of muscle, which feels painful when compressed.

Many people may feel hesitant at the sharp pain associated with needles, but with most needle treatments patients don’t even feel the needle being inserted. The treatment is speedy, and patients have reported feeling relief in as little as 10 minutes.

The Types of Muscle Trigger Points

Needle treatment uses three types of trigger points to offer relief to overused muscles: active, latent, and satellite. Active trigger points evoke pain without applying any pressure, also known as spontaneous pain. Latent trigger points create painful sensations when compressed or touched. Meanwhile, satellite trigger points activate in a precise area of the referred pain, which radiates from active trigger points. 

Locating these trigger points is much easier with dry needling since it can produce local twitch responses. These responses manifest as a noticeable contraction or in muscle and skin dimpling when the trigger point’s taut band of muscles contract upon applying pressure. The abrupt change of pressure on the trigger point by the needle penetration triggers this response, helping specialists pinpoint these areas and provide a more effective treatment.

Which Muscles and Conditions Can Be Treated with Dry Needling?

Millions of Americans have musculoskeletal conditions that require immediate medical attention. These disorders are the leading cause of disability in the country, with chronic back pain being one of the most common pain conditions treated. Joint problems are another common type of issue that hounds Americans, particularly shoulder pain. Fortunately, needle treatment is an excellent option for these issues. It can also treat suboccipital muscles for headache relief, providing long-time sufferers a release from chronic pain. Dry needling for a frozen shoulder is also a highly recommended treatment, as this injury can be excruciating.

Which Patients Are Right for Dry Needling?

The ideal patient for dry needling repeatedly experiences pain from chronic overuse of their muscles, which can occur due to sports, jobs, or specific activities in everyday life. The practitioner must assess the patient and determine if they are eligible for the needle treatment by examining their medical history, performing selected tests, and conducting a review to catch any movement-related disorders. The practitioner must also test the patient for precautions like lymphedema and bleeding disorders, which can compromise the process. 

Working With Dry Needling Specialists

Dry needling can offer a world of relief to sore, tense, and overworked muscles. Seeking treatment right away is crucial to addressing the problem before it worsens- which could lead to expensive, painful complications. By working with a dry needling specialist, you’ll enjoy relaxed muscles and pain relief. 

Dry Needling and Pain Relief in Jacksonville, FL

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