Dry Needle Services in Jacksonville, FL

Here at Dry Needle Pain Relief, our goal is to bring pain relief and injury recovery to the Jacksonville area through experienced doctors and proven techniques. The dry needle services we provide can be utilized by a wide range of individuals from all walks of life. Dry needle therapy is meant to bring muscular trigger point stimulation or stimulation of inactive muscles to athletes, workers, those looking for natural pain relief, and senior men and women.

Our dry needle services are used in conjunction with physical medicine to promote blood flow, tissue homeostasis, and muscle manipulation. This reduces the tension and pain in local muscles through dry needles being inserted into areas that feel pain.

Our Dry Needle Services

Regardless of your background or what you are looking for with Dry Needle, we have a service that will work for you. Take a moment and look over the dry needle therapy we offer our patients.

Pain Management

For those looking for pain relief without medication or chemicals, our dry needle therapy fits your needs exactly.

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Physical Therapy

We aim to improve the quality of life for our patients undergoing physical therapy through our dry needle services.

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Senior Therapy

As you age, you need to find ways to reduce pain and improve your musculoskeletal alignment, and movement. Our senior therapy is a perfect fit.

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Sports Medicine

Our unique dry needling services are perfect for those looking to improve their sports performance or recover from a sports-related injury.

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Whiplash Trauma

If you are suffering from whiplash trauma following a car accident, dry needling can help. Take control of your pain.

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Work Rehabilitation

Depending on your occupation, you may have work-related tension or pain, and our dry needle therapy can bring you relief.

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