How We Can Help

Dry needling can help anyone in need of muscular trigger point stimulation or stimulation of inactive muscles.

• Both athletes and non-athletes alike • Helps speed recovery from injury
• Relieve painful muscle conditions • Improve sports performance
• Improve musculoskeletal alignment and movement

Conditions Helped by Dry Needling

-Sub-occipital headaches & neck pain
-Back pain
-Muscle pain and imbalance
-Tennis elbow
-Neck tension and pain
-Shoulder and back pain
-Lumbopelvic disorders
-Postural disorders
-Frozen shoulder

-Carpal tunnel
-Rotator cuff injuries
-Hamstring pulls
-Achilles tendonosis
-Plantar fasciitis
-IT band pain
-Hip and gluteal pain
-Knee pain
-Foot pain

-Joint pain
-Repetitive motion injuries
-Whiplash-associated disorders
-Bell’s palsy
-Facial pain
-Muscular strains/ligament sprains
-Chronic pain
-Repetitive motion injuries

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