Dry Needle Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

At Dry Needle Pain Relief, we offer treatments to address all areas of the body that cause our patients pain. From migraines to back pain, dry needling offers something to soothe every source of discomfort. Dry needle treatment dissipates pain by relaxing muscles and reducing tension. Our patients are not only able to receive relief from pain, but they are also able to recover from injuries, receive restored muscle function, and even improve their musculoskeletal alignment and posture. Dry Needle Pain Relief truly is your choice for real relief and a healthier you.

How We Can Help: Trigger Points

Dry needle treatment works by addressing trigger points in the muscles. A trigger point is an especially tender area of a muscle, responsible for causing generalized musculoskeletal pain when stimulated. Our doctors have extensive training and experience working with muscle groups and are able to identify exactly which muscles are causing your discomfort and work to address them specifically. Since dry needles can be placed with absolute precision, they are ideal to target chronic, stubborn, or even hard to reach pain points. Through precise stimulation of the inactive muscles or muscular trigger points with acupuncture needles, our doctors are able to bring relief to the following:


From overcoming sciatica to managing lumbopelvic disorders, dry needle treatment can change the way you live your life for the better by reducing or ending your back pain.

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Foot & Ankle

You need your feet at their best, and if you are struggling from plantar fasciitis or other foot pain, we can use needle treatment for pain to help.

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Hand & Wrist

From buttoning buttons to grasping tools, you need your hands and wrists daily for every little task. Don’t suffer through the day.

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Don’t let a migraine or head pain run your life. Trigger point dry needling can bring you real relief.

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Hip & Buttocks

Through our dry needling treatment, you can get back to the life you once had before your hip and gluteal pain.

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Whether through sports or everyday life, no matter how you hurt your knee, our patients can receive the best treatments available through dry needling.

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Neck Treatment

Neck pain can be debilitating to your everyday life, and if it is left untreated, can cause you even more stress.


Dry needle treatment is perfect in treating stiff shoulders, rotator cuff injuries, and other shoulder pain.

Effective Dry Needle Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Dry Needle Pain Relief offers a safe and natural solution for pain with our dry needle treatments. Our doctors consult with each patient to understand their sources of pain and discomfort, and design a treatment plan to fully address each one. Call us today to set up your appointment!