Dry Needling for Foot Pain in Jacksonville, FL

Foot and ankle pain can be debilitating to deal with every day. Dry Needle Pain Relief provides a tailored and effective approach to relieving pain for common conditions that affect the feet and ankles. Your everyday life doesn’t have to be altered due to pain. No matter if your foot pain is due to a sports or work-related injury, we can help. Using dry needling for foot pain, you can get that spring in your step and get back to living life the way you should be.

Dr. Mike administering a dry needle treatment to a patient's feet.

Understand Your Foot and Ankle

As one of the most used areas of the body, it is difficult to continue your day-to-day activities at any age. Everything from playing sports to simply walking can be affected by an injury to the foot or ankle. There is a range of injuries and issues that you can be suffering from, and dry needling for foot pain can help relax the muscles and relieve your pain.

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Stress fracture
  • Turf toe
  • Ankle sprain

These are just some of the common foot and ankle injuries that plague people every day. When dealing with a foot or ankle injury, every structure is important to its overall function. If a joint, tendon, or muscle is damaged, your stability decreases dramatically. Dry Needle Pain Relief wants to not only help relieve your pain through dry needling, but we also want to ensure you are educated in different muscle groups that affect the foot.

  • Tibialis posterior: A central leg muscle that works to support the arch of the foot.
  • Tibialis anterior: This muscle helps you move your foot upwards and invert the foot.
  • Tibial peroneal: The outside of your ankle is controlled by this muscle.
  • Extensors: Without the muscle raising your toes, you wouldn’t be able to take a step.
  • Flexors: These are your stabilizers for your toes.

Utilizing Dry Needling for Foot Pain

Dry needling for foot pain helps release existing pressure and tension in the muscles and joints, allowing you to walk and move freely. Our team of doctors use needles without any medication and insert them into the skin and tight trigger points. These needles stimulation the muscles, relieve nerve irritation and promotes healing.

We keep the needles in the trigger points for a few minutes before removing them. Our patients can get back on their feet with reduced pain within the first treatment.

Free Your Feet

Foot and ankle pain can be detrimental to your everyday life, and without proper relief, even something as simple as walking can become a chore. Dry Needle Pain Relief provides dry needling for foot pain to get you moving again. Contact our office to find real relief today.