Dry Needling for Headaches in Jacksonville, FL

Headache pain can be debilitating and significantly impair the sufferer’s ability to function through daily tasks. At Dry Needle Pain Relief, we specialize in providing dry needling services that are specifically designed to address headaches and migraines. Our mission is to bring relief through dry needle acupuncture for headaches and migraines so that you can get back to enjoying your life pain-free.

Dry needle acupuncture for headaches can help this Jacksonville woman get relief.

Common Conditions

Our dry needling treatment works by inserting fine needles into trigger points in the muscle. These trigger points are knots, which are made up of a group of muscle fibers that have shortened after being activated. Unable to lengthen back to a relaxed state after their use, the muscles form painful, sensitive nodules. The muscle fibers become tight enough to compress the surrounding capillaries and nerves, often resulting in headaches. Dry needling allows these muscles to relax and obtain a fresh blood supply along with the subsequent oxygen and nutrients they need. The result is headache relief for our patients. Our dry needling for migraines and headaches works to primarily address:

Migraines are described as extending beyond a mere headache, involving severe throbbing pain or pulsing sensations. They are usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or some level of sensitivity to light and/or sound (photophobia and phonophobia). For patients suffering from migraines, their pain is typically focused on one side of the head, and they usually find that their pain is aggravated by activity (as such, sufferers usually avoid routine activities that they’d normally participate in). Migraines typically last from 4 to 72 hours, and some patients experience auras (for example, seeing bright spots or flashes of light) prior to onset.
Sub-occipital headaches are commonly referred to as tension headaches. These types of headaches are related to the sub-occipital muscles, which are located just below the bottom of the skull (the occipital bone). Patients typically describe pain stemming from sub-occipital muscles as feeling like a band wrapping around the head. Pain starts in the back of the head and can spread to the ears or eyes. Sub-occipital headaches can be caused by a variety of common factors, such as straining of the eyes, poor posture, or acute injury such as whiplash.

How Dry Needling Can Help Headaches

At Dry Needle Pain Relief, we conduct extensive evaluation to understand our patients’ headache pain and isolate the cause. We then use the power of dry needling to target the active trigger points that are often found in tight muscles in the head and neck. This allows us to decrease pain in the head, and in turn, relieve headaches for our patients.

For patients undergoing dry needle acupuncture for headaches, we typically target the upper trapezius muscles. Patients not only experience immediate pain reduction in this particular muscle group (and benefit from increased blood circulation) but the trigger points in these muscles reduce headache pain in our patients.

Be Free of Headache Pain

At Dry Needle Pain Relief, we understand how migraines can affect your daily activities and your quality of life. We provide dry needle acupuncture for headaches to help you enjoy a pain-free life again. Contact us to learn more!