Dry Needling for Hand & Wrist Pain in Jacksonville, FL

Our mission here at Dry Needle Pain Relief is to bring pain relief to all of Jacksonville. Hand and wrist pain can plague people from all walks of life, and dry needling for hands can make all the difference. These treatments help to release tension and pain while relieving irritated nerves that make everyday life difficult. Using dry needling, our staff can work toward relief from a wide range of ailments. No matter if your pain is due to a sports-injury, a work-related injury, or arthritis pain, Dry Needle Pain Relief can help you.

Dry needle acupuncture for hand pain in Jacksonville, FL.

How Dry Needle Can Help

Our microneedle is inserted into the area, also known as a trigger point, which helps release tension and stimulated healing. Dry needles can be placed with a level of precision that is unmatched to target chronic pain or difficult to reach pain points. Dry Needle can successfully treat this range of issues with our nonmedication needle inserted into the muscle and skin.

From professional athletes to seniors, hand and wrist pain will present itself to you at some point in your life. The different ailments that dry needle acupuncture for hands can help happen from injuries during sports play to aging. We want to make sure that you know more about these specific ailments and how you get them.

As far as hand and wrist ailments go, carpal tunnel is one of the most common that people experience. This situation can cause pain and numbness in the hand due to a compressed nerve. There are multiple actions that can cause carpal tunnel to present itself, such as using your hands often, the position of your hands and wrists, and even pregnancy.

Dry needling for carpal tunnel can relieve pain and stress within the hand and the wrist. Instead of using the needles to target trigger areas, we target bands that can make the stress on your nerve worse.

Multiple types of arthritis can plague people of all ages. From osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis, the pain you experience can alter your everyday life. Osteoarthritis is caused most often through your joints wearing out while rheumatoid arthritis is when the joint becomes inflamed. Thankfully, dry needling acupuncture for hands can take away some or all your pain.

By inserting our dry needles into the trigger points in your hands, Dry Needle can bring relief more quickly. You will notice reduced pain almost immediately after the procedure.

Hand and wrist injuries and ailments come in all shapes and sizes. These can range from degenerative joint disease to an injury suffered during a sport. In every case, dry needling acupuncture for hands assists in relieving the pain and reducing the tension in your hands and wrists.

Finding Relief with Dry Needle

Any injury or ailment to your hands and wrists can be debilitating to your life. Dry Needle wants to give you peace of mind and relief that you notice immediately. With our team of physicians, we can determine the right dry needling experience you should receive.