Dry Needling for TMJ in Jacksonville, FL

Suffering from TMJ can be a terrible experience for anyone. Jaw pain puts a hold on your entire day and makes the most common daily tasks difficult. Here at Dry Needle Pain Relief, we aim to put an end to TMJ pain. Dry needling for TMJ has been proven to reduce pain and get you feeling 100 percent. Our physicians provide you with the highest quality treatments available.

Man with TMJ pain that can be eased with dry needling.

What is TMJ?

So, what exactly is TMJ? TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, allow your mouth to open and close. You have two of these joints on both sides of your jaw. This joint acts as a hinge, and pain in the bone and muscles that control it makes eating, speaking, and everyday tasks a chore. Below, we have listed the symptoms and signs of TMJ disorders.

  • Joint locking
  • Pain while chewing
  • Aching pain in your ear
  • Tenderness of the jaw

The disorder associated with TMJ is known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD. TMD occurs when pain and clicking are coming from either the joint itself or the muscles and ligaments attached to it. By utilizing dry needling for TMJ, we relieve you of pain and discomfort.

Causes of TMJ

There are multiple causes of TMJ pain that range from trauma to genetics. Arthritis causes pain in your joints, and some cases can extend to your temporomandibular joint. In other situations, trauma, fracture, or a blow to the chin resulting in pain.

It is difficult to understand exactly what causes this type of injury to occur. TMJ may present itself if you find yourself grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw. Dry needle acupuncture for TMJ is meant to focus on the trigger points in the jaw and bring you relief.

How Dry Needling Helps TMJ

Dry Needle Pain Relief offers our clients with the highest quality dry needling services available. The specialists here seek relief with physical therapy and natural pain relief. During dry needling for TMJ, we place micro-needles in trigger points in the jaw and neck area. These needles release tension and relieve nerve irritation providing you relief.

Ending Your TMJ Pain with Dry Needling

Every patient deserves top-of-the-line care from physicians who are trained and experienced. Dry Needle Pain Relief wants to improve your life by finding you relief. If you are suffering from constant jaw pain, joint locking, or other TMJ disorders, dry needling for TMJ is the right answer for you. Contact us today.