Dry needling continues to gain popularity as more and more people discover its ability to provide pain relief and help facilitate physical rehabilitation. If you are considering dry needling, we’ll outline a few benefits you should know.

1. Relaxes Tight Muscles

One of the most significant dry needling benefits is that it can help tight and problematic muscles to relax. Dry needling uses fine filament needles to address myofascial trigger points (“knots”) in the muscle. These knots are made up of a group of muscle fibers that have shortened after being activated but are not able to lengthen back to a relaxed state after their use. Once a needle is inserted into the skin, a physical therapist will position and move the needle, causing these tight muscles to “twitch” (or cramp) and then relax back to their normal length. This results in relaxed and pain-free muscles.

2. Improves Blood Flow

Improved blood flow and globalized circulation are some of the many dry needling benefits. When a fine filament needle is inserted into the center of a myofascial trigger point, a minute amount of bleeding results, with blood pooling around the needle. Not only does this increase blood supply to problematic areas, but overall blood flow improves once other affected muscles begin to relax.

3. Decreased Pain and Overall Relaxation

Beta-endorphins are a type of neuropeptide that plays a vital role in pain management. Endorphins create morphine-like effects, acting as our body’s natural pain and stress fighters. Within the peripheral nervous system, these beta-endorphins bind with the opiate receptors in the nerve synapses to reduce our perception of pain. One of the benefits of dry needling is that it increases these beta-endorphins while also decreasing cortisol. Patients, as a result, frequently experience feelings of overall relaxation following treatment.

4. Improved Range of Motion

When an individual suffers from a myofascial trigger point, they experience not only pain and discomfort, but also a restriction or reduction of their normal range of motion. Patients often experience an improved or restored range of motion after dry needling, especially those that undergo the procedure as a part of a larger physical rehabilitation treatment plan.

5. Addresses Chronic Pain

One of the essential dry needling benefits to be aware of is its ability to address acute and chronic pain. Dry needling is not only a useful tool for long-term pain management, but it also offers long-lasting results. Compared to other treatments for addressing myofascial trigger points, patients experience the benefits of dry needling much longer. A recent study revealed that the beneficial effects of dry needling lasted six weeks after treatment. This suggests that dry needling may be ideal for those seeking an effective option for addressing chronic pain that will offer long-lasting results.

Dry Needling in Jacksonville, FL

The many dry needling benefits make this revolutionary treatment an ideal option for those seeking a natural solution to pain management, or even a supplemental tool for physical rehabilitation efforts. At Dry Needle Pain Relief of Jacksonville, we strive to offer the best dry needling services available in Northeast Florida. We offer treatments designed to address patients with a variety of concerns–from athletes seeking a boost in sports recovery, to seniors looking for arthritis relief. As the premier dry needle acupuncture center in Jacksonville, FL, our practice focuses on providing real results that make a difference. To learn more about dry needling benefits, and discover more about this treatment, contact us today to book an appointment!