Dry needling is a modern treatment that boasts many benefits and is helpful for addressing chronic pain and a number of musculoskeletal conditions. Many patients, however, are unsure of what exactly to expect after treatment. As a result we are frequently asked questions such as, “Will I be sore?” or “How fast will I get relief?” In today’s article we’ll address some of these common questions we often encounter, and shed more light on what to expect following a dry needle treatment.

The Benefits of Dry Needling

First things first: we need to address how exactly dry needling works in order to understand why it is so beneficial. Dry needling works to address myofascial trigger points, which are essentially knots in the muscle. These knots are made up of a group of muscle fibers that have shortened after being activated, but are not able to lengthen back to a relaxed state after their use. As a result, painful, sensitive nodules in the muscle form, and muscle fibers become tight enough to compress the surrounding capillaries and nerves.

Dry needling works to address these myofascial trigger points in the muscle. When a fine filament needle is inserted into the center of a myofascial trigger point, local circulation increases, bringing fresh nutrients and flushing away toxins. This triggers the contracted muscle fibers to relax. The benefits of a dry needle treatment include:

  • Reduction of pain
  • Restored range of motion
  • Improved blood flow
  • Overall relaxation and tension-relief

What to Expect After Your Dry Needle Treatment

Dry needling treatments are relatively safe with minimal side effects. Following treatment you may experience:

  • Slight Soreness or Bruising: There is usually some temporary soreness from the insertion of the filament needles, however this is minimal and typically short-lived (usually 24-48 hours). Most patients find the mild soreness tolerable (similar to having a workout at the gym), and well worth the long-term pain relief they enjoy from treatment.
  • Tiredness or Fatigue: Some patients feel tired or even sleepy following a dry needle treatment, whereas others feel energetic or even emotional. These bouts are short-lived, usually lasting 1-2 hours following treatment.

Results After Your Dry Needle Treatment

Patients often wonder how long it will take for them to see results, and how long those results will last:

  • How Long Before You See Results? How long it takes to see symptom improvement varies for every patient, but most begin to feel results within 24- 48 hours. The intensity of results will increase with additional treatments.
  • How Long Do Benefits Last? How long results last will vary from patient to patient, and can depend on several factors such as the treatment area, and whether or not dry needling is being performed as a part of a larger overall physical therapy treatment plan. Generally speaking, results last several days after the first treatment. Results then become longer-lasting as additional dry needle treatments are performed.
  • How Many Sessions Are Required? The answer to this question will be different for every patient. For more acute situations, a single session may be needed, whereas for chronic conditions ongoing treatments may be needed as a part of a general pain management program (with several treatments being required before seeing results). Your physician will evaluate your individual case to determine how many treatments (and the length of time between treatments) are likely needed.

Dry Needling in Jacksonville, FL

The many benefits of dry needling make this treatment an ideal option for those seeking a natural solution to pain management, or even a supplemental tool for physical rehabilitation efforts. At Dry Needle Pain Relief in Jacksonville, FL, we strive to offer the best dry needling services available. We offer treatments designed to address patients with a variety of concerns—from athletes seeking a boost in sports recovery, to seniors looking for arthritis relief. To learn more about dry needling benefits, and discover more about this treatment, contact us today to book an appointment!