Nerve pain, or neuropathy, is a condition caused by damage to the nerves in the peripheral nervous system. Its symptoms usually include progressive numbness and pain in the feet and, occasionally, in the hands. People with this condition may also experience difficulty in walking and maintaining their balance. The practice of dry needling for neuropathy in the feet or hands has emerged as a way for these individuals to manage their symptoms and get relief.

Experiencing nerve pain is inconveniencing enough on its own. However, if you have this condition, take note that the lower temperatures during winter can worsen this.

When the body is exposed to the cold for a prolonged period, its natural response is to slow down the blood circulation to the extremities. This preserves the body’s core temperature. On the flip-side, this reduced blood flow to the hands and feet can aggravate neuropathy symptoms.

Aside from this, the change in air pressure due to the drop in temperature also exerts extra pressure on your nerves and increases your perception of pain.

Taking precautions as seasons change will help you manage neuropathic pain and make it through the colder months. To help you with this, here are some tips worth following:

1. Dress Warmly

Bundling up during the cold weather is an effective way to reduce nerve pain. Whenever you are heading outdoors, always wear your winter essentials: a thick coat, hat, and scarf. These help prevent the heat from escaping your body and keep the cold temperature from getting to you.

Additionally, keep your extremities covered with gloves and socks. Your hands and feet are among the first and most intensely affected by the cold, so wearing thick mittens and layered socks help keep them warm and promote good blood flow.

2. Take Short Breaks Indoors

If possible, head inside now and then. Take intermittent breaks from the cold by heading indoors and warming yourself by a heat source. This helps maintain an ideal temperature in your body and balances your exposure to extreme temperatures.

3. Avoid Stimulants

If you know you’ll be out on a trip and exposed to cold temperatures, limit or avoid caffeine before you leave. Consuming coffee and tea can temporarily cause your blood vessels to narrow, consequently restricting blood flow and causing pain.

Aside from caffeine, it also helps to avoid other stimulants such as nicotine found in cigarettes. These substances can slow down blood circulation and aggravate your neuropathy symptoms.

4. Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Don’t let the cold temperatures of winter discourage you from exercising. Aside from keeping your body active, physical activity can help manage your nerve pain.

The activity doesn’t necessarily need to be strenuous. In fact, you must not push yourself because the extreme conditions can be harsh to your body. What you can do is to engage in simple cardio routines while staying hydrated and eating properly. This promotes good circulation and improves blood flow.

5. Seek Treatments for Neuropathy

If your symptoms are still causing discomfort, dry needling for neuropathy in your feet or hands is worth exploring. In this intervention, thin filiform needles are inserted into your skin and to stimulate underlying trigger points in your extremities and manage pain.

According to a 2019 case report, dry needling effectively addresses pain points, especially when done along with neurodynamic exercises. It can also help increase blood flow and improve strength and balance.

Manage Your Neuropathic Pain with Proven Treatments

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to reduce your nerve pain in your feet or hands, consider getting needle treatment. It is different from acupuncture as it targets your muscle pain points directly for instant relief. However, make sure that you are only seeking specialists when it comes to this procedure for the best results.

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